About BCS

Baltimore Chinese School (BCS) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1998. BCS is committed to serve the Greater Baltimore community and offer classes to people who are interested in learning Chinese language and Chinese culture. BCS’s mission is to prepare our students with excellent communication skills in Chinese in order to function competitively in a global society.

BCS teaches Chinese phonics (Pin Yin) and simplified Chinese characters, which are commonly used in China. Our curricula are designed to meet the various demands of our students with different ability levels. Many BCS students have achieved a high-level proficiency in Chinese evidenced in receiving numerous awards in Chinese writing contests given by major Chinese media as well as outstanding performance on SAT II Chinese Subject Test.


There are two tracks for the learners at BCS:
(1) learning Chinese as a heritage language;
(2) learning Chinese as a second language. 
We offer Chinese classes at K-8 levels as well as a class for adult learners.  In addition, BCS also offers cultural classes including Arts, Tai Chi, and folk dance for both adults and children. All language and cultural classes are taught by our dedicated and experienced teachers with advanced graduate degrees in education or in Chinese literature.

BCS is open to the public, regardless of a student's gender, race, age, religion and/or nationality. The language classes are scheduled on Sunday afternoon at 1:30-3:20PM and 3:30-5:20PM. The cultural classes are also scheduled on Sunday afternoon.

Contact Us


学校地址 / School Address:
College of Liberal Arts, Towson University
254 University Ave,
Towson MD 21204

邮寄地址/School Mailing Address:
Baltimore Chinese School
PO. Box 567
White Marsh, MD 21162

上课时间 / Class Hours:
Sunday, from 1:30pm to 3:20pm and 3:30pm to 5:20pm



Principal 校长
Dr. Hao Kang 康浩

Vice Principal 副校长
Mr. James Bao 包昌鑫

Provost 教务长
Mrs. Xiang Li 李想

General Manager 总务长
Dr. Hua Chang 常华

Finance Manager 财务主管
Mr. Eric Su 苏磊

IT Director 技术主管
Mr. Zhong Zhou 周钟